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About Shi Hoko

Wendy Vermeulen started her Kendo training over a decade ago at San Kawa Kendo Dojo in Rosebank. As part of her time there, she was involved in leading classes and teaching people of all ages, both children and adults alike. In 2017, she decided to split off and found her own Kendo Dojo in Olivedale. Thus Shi Hoko Kendo Dojo was born. By the end of 2018, Shi Hoko core member group had expanded enough that it had to move to our current training location in Randburg.

Shi Hoko has members from all walks of life, young and old, in all different parts of their kendo journey. Wendy is a 3rd Dan and assissted by Quintin Goodyear who is currently 2nd Dan. Shi Hoko also boasts multi medal winners and members that have been part of the national team and represented South Africa internationally.


The Compass

Shi Hoko means four directions and as such, each point on the compass has a meaning associated with it. These points are:

The Past Is My Experience

The Present Is My Experiment

I Prepare For My Future

With Belief In Infinite Possibilities

These points sum up the philosophy behind Shi Hoko's approach to training.


The Instructors




3rd Dan

Head Instructor

SAKF Vice President

Head of the SAKF Women's Commission

Wendy Vermeulen is Shi Hoko's head instructor and founder. She was part of the national team in both 2014 and 2016 and has partaken in competitions internationally. She has many years of teaching experience from her time at San Kawa Kendo Dojo and is still just as dedicated to sharing kendo with the world. 


She is also the Vice President of the South African Kendo Federation (SAKF) as well as the head of the South African Kendo Federation Woman's Commission. 

She runs her classes based around her own personal mottos - patience, persistence and practice.




2nd Dan

Assistant Instructor

Dojo Secretary

Quintin Goodyear began training kendo at San Kawa Kendo Dojo alongside Wendy. During his many years of training, he has taught many students of all ages. He has represented South Africa in international competitions and can boast of a very successful kendo career behind him. He is currently 2nd Dan and preparing to go for 3rd. 




5th Dan

Assistant Instructor


Core Members

Get to meet the core members that you're likely to train alongside when you come by.



Kazadi (Mike)

2nd Kyu



5th Kyu




3rd Kyu

Head of Development




6th Kyu


Where to next?

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